Former England captain Rio Ferdinand and Helen Skelton present a special countdown of the FA Cup's 50 Greatest Moments.
ESPN and Budweiser present a documentary looking at the magic of the FA Cup narrated by Steven Berkoff and featuring Vinnie Jones, John Motson, Martin Keown and Patrick Barclay.
A sport psychologist works with First Division Queen's Park Rangers for a period of six weeks. This is a Q.E.D. Documentary featuring Queen's Park Rangers F.C. which was broadcast on BBC1 on 30th March 1988.
Arts Documentary hosted by Shaun Dooley, published by ITV in 2010. The definitive story of the England v West Germany semi-final from Italia 90 - a match that captivated the nation and restored pride in the beautiful game.
The ex-Manchester United stars known as the Class of '92 are going on a new adventure. They've bought a football club seven tiers down from the Premier League with a dream of taking it up to the top.
Soccer's Hard Men is a 1992 football video by Video Vision, presented by then-footballer and current actor Vinnie Jones. The video featured footage of British players (some still playing at the time and others who had by then retired) known for their ferocity
Billed as "the extraordinary events surrounding the buying and selling of a football club" this BBC2 documentary was part of the Trouble at the Top series and entitled 'Luton Kicks Off'.
An inside look at the struggles AFC Bournemouth went through to stay afloat during its attempts to break into the Premier League for the first time and the elation felt by the team and its fans when it finally happened.
He was the mastermind of one of Britain's leading brands. Not a soft drink or a smart phone, but a football club: Manchester United
As the nation prepares for the start of the 2014 World Cup, England football legend Gary Lineker presents this very special documentary on the world's fascination with Brazil and the beautiful game.
BT Sport Films presents the extraordinary story of how a young David Rocastle's meteoric rise to stardom with Arsenal inspired boyhood friend Ian Wright to also achieve legendary status with the Gunners. Aired originally on BT Sport 1 April 2017.
The Game of Their Lives or "Chollima Chookgudan" is a 2002 documentary film about the seven surviving members of the North Korean national football team who participated in the Football World Cup 1966.
2009 marks the 30th anniversary of Nottingham Forest’s first European Cup triumph, masterminded by Brian Clough. A provincial football club broke and slipping towards Football League Division Three when he took charge, had conquered England and Europe inside three years.
Football as a true British institution; 'The Great Game' starts with schoolboys being taught by famous footballers, followed by extended footage of the Football League War Cup Finals from 1945.
As this proud footballing giant stands on the brink of extinction, BBC Scotland Investigates the inside story of the scandal which brought Rangers FC to its knees.

The Football War

In Scotland, centuries-old hatred between Catholics and Protestants are relived every week by fans of Glasgow's two favorite football clubs, Celtic and Rangers.